Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well, Hey, Who's Six Today?

I can't believe this blog is six years old today. Technically, six years and one day. But it's still September 29 in some parts of the world, so it still counts.

Anyone who has read this thing from start to present (aside from me of course, but I doubt that such a person exists) would probably say I'm this crazy bitch who's always angry with the world. On the contrary, not at all. I am actually polite and kind of quiet when you first meet me; and if I like you, I would eventually show you my nasty, giggly self. It's true.

Since starting this blog I have gone through three different jobs, several breakups (yuh huh), and a lot of things in between that made my life beautiful, horrible, happy, sad, crazy and mundane--sometimes all at the same time. I have ADD, I think. I apply it to my everyday life.

The next few months will be spent in a frenzy, a good one. Because it's so characteristic of me to introduce drastic changes every few years to my life, I'm again embarking on the biggest adventure of my life. (I was actually reserving that line for when I get married, but I don't see that happening.) This one is of epic proportions.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, in honor of Abby's Spongebob Squarepants-themed birthday party, here is the sponge himself, smiling his creepy psycho smile that every pre-schooler loves.

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