Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Anong nilaro nyo sa Resorts World?
Russian Roulette.


Yaya: pano po yan ate pagtanda nyo wala kayong kasama, wala kayong anak?
Me: eh hindi naman lahat ng babae pangarap mag asawa at magkaanak. Madami na pwede gawin ang mga babae ngayon.
Yaya: ay oo ate totoo yan, yung iba nagdadancer sa club.


Hi classmate! Kumusta ka na? Di ba dati blah blah blah (proceeds to tell detailed stories of our "adventures")...sandali, natatandaan mo ba ko?
Me: sa face lang. Sorry.


Monday, May 10, 2010

It's Time

Wake up Philippines.

Today is the best day to be heard. Today is the day when you can let the world know who you want to lead the country. You can finally stop taking your friends hostage at dinner so you can discuss the pros and cons of your candidate, or posting endless Tweets and Facebook shout outs about it. Finally, the day has come.

I don't care who you're voting for, I am not and will never be the person who will try to sway anyone in favor of my own choice. I just hope that whoever that person is, you have thought about it well. I hope that it was an informed choice for you, that you have gathered enough information about him as much as you can, and that you are voting for him because you believe in your heart of hearts that he is the right choice to make. Not because of anything else.

I take my vote very seriously. I spend a lot of hours hemming and hawing about it, and up until yesterday I was still hedging. Finally I decided, and it was so comforting I fell asleep at 9:30pm. And now I have been awake for a full three hours, preparing to trek to the precinct and shade that damn circle.

If you can't vote, I hope you will next elections. If you can but somehow don't want to, I hope I never hear you complain about the outcome.