Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recent Obsessions

Glee, the new series from Fox. This is the first time in years I am forced to watch something in installments. All the series I am addicted to were bought en bulke but after watching the pilot of Glee I am now one of the idiots waiting for Thursday afternoons when a rip of the episode would appear on Torrent. For the record my favorite is Kurt, and I would like to sleep with Puck.

Glee, the music. Glee would be just another high school cliche series were it not for the amazing amazing music. All the cast can sing, I mean really sing. I have a feeling glee clubs around the world will see a spike in popularity this year because of the show. Glee has become so popular that artists are actually discounting their music so it can be used in the show. In January there will be a Madonna episode -- she gave them their catalog for use. It's on crazy repeat (that's repeat multiplied a thousand times) in my iTunes and iPod Touch.

Cafe World. This is a Facebook game where you run a cafe by whipping up dishes and hiring staff, and decorating it. Yeah, yeah, I used to look down my nose on people who would rush home just to harvest their bananas in Farmville. I have turned into one of them, except that I still won't do farming. I'd rather buy a 75,000 fountain fixture and cook some king crab bisque for my customers. Oh yeah, I have an actor and a rockstar as waiters. You can hire your Facebook friends to be your waiters, but with their clothes on, unfortunately.

Hatchlings. This is another game that I tried but got immediately hooked on. I'm a packrat, therefore the act of collecting things will appeal to me. Throw in the words "special" and "rare" and I'm now zombified in front of the laptop trying to find the damned eggs. I'm so hooked I wrote an article about it. I love their creations.

Friday, November 13, 2009

On High School Reunions

It's been what, 17 years since I marched up the stage on that centric Con Hall (was it Con Hall? I'm confused) we all know. For three years that rectangular space inside the main compound, flanked by old classrooms and a sorry excuse for a canteen, served mainly as a shortcut for me to get from one side to another. Sometimes we congregated in huddles, talking about things most important to high schoolers. On special occassions Con Hall was a dance practice space, or some other special number practice space. I don't remember exactly all the things we used to do there, my classmates and I.

I remember a non-gay beauty pageant they held, the first time in the history of the school, I believe. Straight guys in drag, ramping it up in a makeshift catwalk. It was made more exciting by the fact that the relative "studs" (or those that passed as ones anyway) looked better with make up on. I forget who won, but seeing these boys in sportswear and evening gowns almost made up for the fact that I was actually in the school marching band holding the annoying lyre. I don't know why I joined, in hindsight I must have been taking some mind-altering substance, like kamote. I hate kamote.

School romances, urban legends, first loves borne and instantly killed - these were the fun things that compensated for the lack of a proper school library. I was afraid to enter that room; like a haunted house in a passing peryahan just in time for the town fiesta. I know there are no real ghosts, but just the same I wouldn't take my chances. Well, actually I did enter it that first and only time, to pull out a rotting and dated Encyclopedia Britannica volume to research about Japan. Which was a monumental fail, as I have always hated Social Studies.

We got the grades, moved to some form of higher education, some saw it their fate to get hitched immediately. We left the confines of secondary school's feigned innocence and went out to find our places under the sun. Years pass by, and through some quirks of nature or some bug in the universe's system, from time to time I manage to see some of my classmates and have the occasional drink. It wasn't so often as in my head it was every leap year, save for some really close friends with whom I make it a point to see with semi-regularity.

The other night I saw two of them again, where I was forcibly coerced into confirming attendance to the next reunion. I say forcibly because they asked like fifty million times and I said something like "No", "I'll have to check my schedule," "Maybe", and it's hundred and one variations for the first hundredth time they asked. Then something clicked inside my teeny tiny brain and I said "Possibly", then turned to a full-blown YES (I guess I shouted a little) because it was getting late and they weren't stopping and I still have deadlines to meet.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to attend. Three things keep me: 1) you always hold the reunions in December when the gods of cheap airline fares are on leave and therefore the published rates online are a bitch; 2) if I go in December I would only have to go specially for the reunion, and if I pay that damned bitch amount I would like to have something else to do to maximize my stay but all my family's here and I don't want to spend Christmas and New Year at my grandmother's house where it's always dark; and 3) my Decembers are always hectic.

BUT, and that is a large but, let's see. Maybe I'll consider crossing out "Attended high school reunion" off my To Do list. However, I will not participate in a group singing rendition of "Hotel California". Over my dead toenails.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Dear Person Who Gets Annoying When Drunk,

Let me get this out of the way: I am not against drunkenness per se. At it's best it eases along boring nights, or gives you a boost of confidence, or at least just gives people a reason to laugh at corny jokes. Alcohol, like many other legal mind-altering and addictive substances, is best taken in moderation.

But, if you're at the point where you ask me a question sixty five thousand times and you get mad when I don't reply at I don't know, the four hundredth and twenty second time, then I'm outta here. And I don't appreciate being whispered to, or pawed, or my hair stroked. NO. NO. NO.

Yes, we're friends and I really do like you when you're sober, but next time we go out and there's drinking, I'm leaving after your fourth bottle. Seriously. Earlier you dragged me into that hole in the wall place where some middle-aged balding guy who hasn't lost his aspiring rockstar delusions belt Air Supply hits and fuckity fuck, Hotel California. I wanted to spear a fork through my chest, or at least through your chest, because you sang along with feelings.

I was in hell.

I'll see you in two years. Or here's a good idea, let's see each other every leap year only. Until then, I'll communicate with you from another zip code.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

That Which is Always Awesome

The other day we were struggling to write our assignments, but of course who cares about our struggling, we have deadlines to meet. The hardest part about any task is to get started, and to get started on an article you must know the angle you're writing from.

Usually on easier days the angle presents itself in your head almost immediately -- the flow is there, all we have to do is put fingers to keyboard. It's amazing, the way the article writes itself, when I'm just almost an audience to its creation. Letters appear on white space to make up words, and those words make up sentences. Sentences that sometimes take up too much space the problem now is cutting, because duh I don't own the paper.

There is no conscious effort to self-edit, because the hand barely catches up with the mind. That's why I hardly write by hand anymore; aside from my deteriorating penmanship, I can't write as fast as I can type. Which is sad, because handwriting is now considered a dying art.

I have always been envious of people who have great handwriting, regular and seamless strokes of pen on paper. While mine will not be mistaken for a doctor issuing a prescription, it still gives the impression that I'm always in a hurry. And I know handwriting experts would tell me my scribbles tell a lot about my personality, I am not always in a hurry. Seriously. Hurrying stresses me out, and somehow it doubles up the mistakes. That's why I usually sleep on important decisions, because everything looks different in the morning. I will not do the proverbial walk of shame on life-changing judgments.

And this, this is the awesome thing. Fingers to keyboard, no thinking.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Thing is, you should never talk with friends about some things that could have been, because that talking will lead you into believing that things can be different, even if in reality they couldn't be salvaged for a million dollars.

Remember when we used to be friends? Like friends friends. I would tell you things and you would tell me things and I would cry sometimes and you'd tell me everything will be fine. Or the dinners and beers and tocilogs and pita breads. The YM conversations, text messages, and in general just being there.

I miss that.

We don't see each other that much, but when we do, I want to pull you over and ask you what happened. Now every conversation is strained, and we need other people to be there with us because if we're left alone for some reason or another one will eventually leave with a lame excuse.

Which is, yes, lame.

I won't say anything more because anything more would be too much already and as it is I'm trying to keep this as vague as possible. So I won't get shot down.

And this post is lame. Kill me now. Or in a month if I still feel like writing the same shit, I give you license to shoot me. I'll let you know.