Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Did You Do in School, Looked Pretty?

I can forgive the unnecessary H, she's from Pampanga. But the rest, oh dear god from heavens above.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I Hope This Won't Be a House MD Episode

After I had lunch with John Lloyd, I went to visit my friends at my previous office. This building is the center of all paranoia in the city -- because they have the money for the equipment they use it well. Before you get through to the person you're there for, you have passed an average of two x-ray machines, a validation of your existence by the receptionist, and a medical clearance. The nurses took my temperature and it read 37.6C, very very slightly above normal temperature.

They grilled me like I did something wrong. Do I have a cold? No. Do I have cough? No. Did I travel outside the country in the past two weeks? I wish. Why are my eyes red? I haven't slept yet. I managed to convince them I don't have AH1N1. Even if I did I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'd worry if I contracted dengue though.

Now I'm sitting at a kid-free Starbucks and I feel coooooold. Like it comes from inside me, but strangely my eyes are hot. I'm still blaming the three-hour sleep for that, it was so hot inside my room I can't sleep straight. But still, you know, I'm not totally writing off the chance that viruses have defeated me once again.

Fever fries the brain and I have no more brain cells to spare. The top secret project is on full speed ahead and I cannot be the cause of delay. So go away virus, go away. You're not wanted here. Just like some people.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Because I Still Can't Tell You About the Top Secret Project

Today's blog post is brought to you by Impatience and Boredom. It's 7:30 in the evening and I'm just having my first meal of the day. For a moment I thought I was going to faint but then I quickly shoveled some food in my mouth. In this case food was a Jamaican patty (original) and roasted vegetable soup (cup) from Cafe Mediterrranean (the soup, not the patty).

I was supposed to go learn more about diving today, but I overslept. I set the alarm for 11:00 am and it did go off but fuckity fuck I did not hit Snooze -- I turned it off instead. So when I finally woke with a start it was 1:15pm and I would still be late even if I managed to get to the venue in the blink of an eye. So now my diving instructor is not talking to me and is probably mad. I am really really sorry.

Now I sit here alone waiting for Fifi, while listening to two gay guys at the next table bashing everyone they know. For the record I don't really know for sure if they're gay, it's just that they frequently touch each other's hair, face, arms, and legs. Sometimes for emphasis one of them would pinch the other's cheek. I'm thinking it's more of a crime to assume that they're straight. I'm imagining my straight guy friends trying to pinch another straight guy's cheek. I'm almost a hundred percent sure that the other guy would say "Duuuuude!" while trying to shield his face and be absolutely horrifiesd. Then he would proceed to avoid the pincher for the rest of his life. Strange creatures, boys.

Cut to three hours later and I'm having some Red Mango froyo with mangoes and Banana Nut Crunch. Totally cooled me down, because I was about to go on fire with that strawberry daiquiri we downed at National Sports Grill. We waited for our movie to start (Time Traveler's Wife) which just about bored me, if it weren't for the constant screen presence of Eric Bana's naked body. Rachel McAdams' dimples just cannot compete.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

With Rhyme and Reason

What day is it?

Sorry, I've been so out of everything I just remembered I had a blog. So. What should I write at this ungodly hour after inhaling a cheeseburger and a pain reliever? I don't really know. I just updated my iPod and revamped the whole content, which to tell you the truth, made me want to hurl whenever I forced myself to listen to a playlist named Morning Show.

Morning Show, I remembered, was named such because the songs there woke me up when played at nearly full volume. I deliberately chose songs with deep bass lines so when I turned it up it felt like someone was clubbing my brain FROM THE INSIDE. I played it everyday from the cab to the train to the short walk to my cubicle, back when I still considered the 15th and 30th as the highlights of my life. As a result I always had a minor headache by the time Lotus Notes opened, which was usually remedied by coffee from the vending machine and two sticks of Marlboro Lights.

After that morning routine I would gaze at my Inbox and contemplate on the subjects of the unread mails. I would edit them in my head, but never in real life because basically my opinion was like Santa Claus at that point, in that I desperately wanted to believe it's there but no one has ever seen it so it's classified as an urban legend. I would still be half-awake after an hour of trying to organize all thoughts and stray papers -- I was never a morning person, ever.

So going back to this overhauling of Red the iPod, I dumped a lot of whole albums in there, from artists I would never have discovered had I not been friends with my friends now. I seriously don't know if I would have heard of Lily Allen and KT Tunstall had I stayed where I was. I would still be stuck listening to Top 40 hits and 96.3 WRock, never venturing out of what was familiar. And I'm so glad I did.

Now I can't stand showbands anymore, those bands who endlessly (but very good nevertheless) play covers of Earth, Wind and Fire hits and some VST & Co. medleys, but will brave traffic to listen to Mozzie, Kaze, Sando, and Techy Romantics. Indie music rocks!

Kaze just released their EP No Reason, and Techy Romantics will release their album soon. Let me know if you want to get a copy. Seriously, these bands deserve more airplay than that fucktard song "Updated Version of Me" I keep hearing when I'm in cabs. Upon googling that unfortunate line, I discover that it's by KC Concepcion, and from what I've read the demo single sung by one Iris Matunog is way better than KC's version.

This is Marionette by Kaze at Imeem, my favorite cut from the EP, and Shut It from Mozzie (they released their EP last year). I hope OPM and indie music grows more, there are a lot of undiscovered talented people out there who deserves to be heard than that acoustic version of Single Ladies they keep blaring at record stores. YUCK.

(Trivia: the person in the middle is our violin teacher with the never ending patience.)

No Reason by Kaze. Picture stolen from Fifi. Borrow, Fi.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gaga Was Here

Lady Gaga is so amazing. Araneta Coliseum was actually full, and during the concert everybody was dancing and singing along. It was a religious experience, but I'm not the High Priest or anything. I'm just so stoked that her first song was Paparazzi, my favorite in the album. I'm pooped after the concert and the after-concert food. Zzzzzz.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Get Them Away From Me

This is the third time in three days that a kid actually walked up to me inside Starbucks, while I'm on my laptop doing things I do on a laptop.

Last Saturday at Starbucks Shangri-la Mall, I was chatting with Giff over YM and making a joke about phone sex, like if you had a phone where should you put it, then Giff says probably in the usual place but not if you have a Nokia E71 because that's not really right but then again what's right about putting an electronic gadget in an orifice ha ha, when this little boy (who looked like he just learned how to read) stationed himself over my left shoulder and. read. my. messages. ALOUD.

I was still in the middle of being completely mortified when he came to the part of Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. The next line he would have read was something that would probably require therapy to get off his tiny little brain. I shooed him off, and closed the MacBook. Daggummit.

The next day at Starbucks Megastrip the lighted apple attracted a little girl. She got off her chair from the next table and walked over to ours, her grubby little hands on her hips, and demanded what's going on. I was Plurking at the time, but I made extra special effort to glower at her. She was an extremely annoying kid with her bowl haircut and privileged attitude.

And now I'm sitting here at Starbucks Technohub in the cornermost table just minding my own business, when another little boy in camo pants entered the coffee shop and made a beeline for my table. Becoming all too familiar with this scenario, I looked at him while he looked at a Word document trying to find "a number five". I asked him what's up and where are his parents, slacking off? He went away immediately. I didn't actually say the slacking off part but I don't want kids around my laptop. Especially kids I don't know. Look what happened the last time Joaquin appreciated my MacBook.

Now the same kid is pressing his face on the other side of the glass pane beside me, the better he can have a look at my screen. What's wrong with these little people, I wouldn't know.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Verbal Diarrhea and Drunk Bowling

I am lifting my self-imposed moratorium on blogging in honor of President Aquino's death. The media's insistence on replacing it with Arroyo by the way, might have been a Freudian slip on a national scale. I'm sorry (not really) if the people want you dead, GMA, but you really have brought this all upon yourself. And then you're not satisfied with that and you top it all off by splurging $20,000 for a dinner for your 27-member entourage at Le Cirque in New York. Did you really need to order five-hundred-dollar a bottle champagnes? Hey look, we're a FUCKING THIRD WORLD COUNTRY and you don't even blink before stuffing your mouth with caviar and foie gras. We're stumbling and fumbling and you get an entry in Page Six of the New York Post. My only consolation is that you look HORRIBLE in that mug.

I shouldn't be spewing venom before dawn because I wouldn't be able to sleep. But Saturday is a good day, even if I woke up before 9am (I know!). I don't know why, maybe because I just stayed home all day Friday, but is not technically the case because I finally got to lie down in bed at 7am on Friday morning. After office, Pam, Giff and I went to Whistlestop and ate disgusting amounts of food (try the salpicao, honey bourbon chicken, adobong manok sa gata, and beef tapa) and ordered one of each in their dessert selection. Too bad mango panna cotta wasn't available, my happiness level wasn't filled to the brim. We talked and ate and talked and ate till the sun came up and we remembered it was still a weekday so we'd have to beat rush hour traffic.

Anyway. Saturday was great, I got a lot of Muji loot, thank you very much. Before that I also got a Muji hardbound notebook (thanks Ole!), and now they're all sitting beside me looking pretty. I hope Muji puts up a store here. Muji is a Japanese brand that provides everything from stationery to beauty products to clothes and kitchen equipment. They promote minimalist designs and no frills. I love their office accessories. Check a Muji store soon, and you'll know what I mean. I'll post pics if I can, because this fucktard connection is testing my nonexistent patience.

I had shabu shabu at 4pm and not more than an hour later I had pizza and pasta on my plate. I seriously was going to burst but thankfully did not. I didn't want my friends sweeping my innards off the floor on a weekend. No wonder Fifi sang a lullaby to my stomach.

Then the Alkies, complete for the first time in 365 years, went drunk cosmic bowling. Can't decide whether to go bowling or go clubbing? Go drunk cosmic bowling! With blinking lights and beer, who cares if the ball goes to the gutter? (Giff actually did, but we ignored him.) Eastwood offers it in the cinema floor, with dart rooms and billiard tables too if you don't want to lug around those godawful heavy spheres of the hottest neon colors. If you forget to wear or bring socks, they sell it too, so no excuse not to go and humiliate yourself. I did.

We wrapped it up with beer, ice cream, salpicao, garlic mushrooms and chocolate cake at Jack's Loft, while pretending it was 2007 until the lights and the bill came on, signaling that they're closing for the night. Or day. I don't know. I'm still awake, aren't I?

I'm done now. Tomorrow is another day. Or later. Whatever, I'm rambling.

Monday, August 03, 2009

For Everything Will Come to an End

She stepped up, did her best, and was always a lady. Former President Cory Aquino is uniting the nation up until the end. Right now I'm watching as two-star generals arrange her coffin in front of the altar at the Manila Cathedral. It's just too sad.

She was one of the most beloved presidents, and she was never power-hungry. I can't possibly add anymore to everything that's been said about her, but nevertheless I'm crying with the rest of the country.

Rest in peace, Madam President.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Back On Air

Apologies for being inaccessible for a few days. There was a glitch in the system and now it's fixed. Will post more once coherent and well-rested. I've just been from a wild-rockin' party and now I'm full of deep-fried goodness that is somehow requisite for a hangover-free morning.