Friday, August 29, 2008

Making History

Tomorrow I will be part of the crowd that would scream their heads off when the four people we never thought would get back together, sets aside whatever crap they have and agrees to play ONE MORE TIME.

I don't care if there's a possibility of crowds going wild, or if it would rain -- it's the freaking ERASERHEADS for crying out loud, and I don't know if there would be another chance like this. Sure I've seen one or two of them playing in their respective bands, but it's a very different show when all four of them are there dishing out Magasin or Ang Huling El Bimbo.

I'd probably cry.

Monday, August 25, 2008

NAIA 3: Judgment Day

So NAIA 3 wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I mean yes, it's big, and there are few enough people that you can rollerblade with ramps (I didn't try it) through several check-in counters; but it was manageable. I don't know if it was because of our late flights, but we didn't experience anything horrible.

There were metered taxis outside the Arrival Area, but a little bit more expensive: P70 flag-down rate, and P4 increments. My usual cab fare from airport to home was doubled. It was fine with me, it was safe, and cheaper than the airport taxis (P850 to where I live).

For a newly-opened airport, it was fine. Not great, just fine.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Noodle Heaven

In a few hours we will be boarding a plane for MNL, and while I miss my bed, I'm very reluctant to leave this place. But my dollars are close to extinction already, and besides, this particular section of Saigon was never meant to be experienced long term.

Our hotel is right smack in the middle of the backpacking district, where turning left means bus stations and bars and travel offices, and going to the right is where the best iced coffee with milk and the best beef pho in town can found.

We've tried Pho 2000 where President Bush had a bowl when he visited, but our street pho is still better. With thinly sliced beef on noodles and broth, I treat it like a blank canvas where the only taste necessary is the beef flavor. I pile on sprouts and leaves, season it with hoisin (I'm not sure) and chili sauce, lemon, and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

If there's one thing I'm gonna miss about Viet Nam, it's the authentic pho.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As I type this I am sunburned, dead tired, and aching all over. We just did Day 1 of the Angkor Wat experience, and while half the stress is waving off street peddlers offering guide books and Cambodian Silk, the rest is made up of climbing stairs.

Today, I muttered "One step at a time" and "Don't look down" at least 479,000 times. I have a mild case of acrophobia, but I only felt it's impact today. After climbing down Ta Keo Temple I had to sit down for several minutes because I was seeing stars already. To wit:

I was sweating buckets not because I was tired, it's because I was having an anxiety attack or something. I was seriously dehydrated by the time we got back to the hotel.
So now I'm going to bed.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Touchdown in Saigon


I haven't had enough sleep yet, and I'm sure in a few days some people will be fantasizing of killing me. But I don't care, we're going out in a bit for coffee and my legs are still screaming from walking all around Ho Chi Minh. I swear, we walked like 18 blocks in total. While raining.

Some pictures of the Ho Chi Minh airport, and me in Europe. Right.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Missing Fishbowl

Dammit and I thought I had the cleanest template in the world. The fishbowls in the banner are not consistently appearing, sometimes they're there, sometimes they're off to see the world. My new bright and shiny template is not complete without the stupid fishes.

I know they have feelings and all and I shouldn't really call them stupid, but sometimes they really are (as far as I know none of them had ever finished college). And I'm blabbering here but I'm pissed off about that missing picture.

And I'm hungry and I haven't had dinner yet, and I want a tocilog right now. I bet I can inhale it in 3 minutes flat, I'm that hungry. I'm cranky and tired and sleepy, and basically I just want to lie down even without sleeping but obviously that will not do because duh, I will be gone for a week.

Yes, I'm taking off again. Time to use my new crunchy passport.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Of Hedonism and Self-Worship

I'm now thinking this Project 365 thing was a blind leap, because aside from the commitment (that word again), how many ways really can I take a self-portrait? Yeah yeah, I don't always have to show my face but I'm usually too lazy to set up that godawful heavy tripod. Unlike Clown Boy, I don't have the time and energy to set up strobes every fuckin day for a year. I don't have strobes by the way, but you get my drift.

Today (technically, yesterday) I set up a white party. Since I got my very first iPod I've been fascinated with white gadgets and have since accumulated quite a few. Hey, look at where my money goes.

And, on another note, have you noticed something different? Like the fishbowl up there? Or that I've changed my blog name? And the text that uhm, describes me? I realized I was lazy to blog because I find my template irritating. Yes, they were right, mean as it was.

This was my Day 2, Pammy was bitten by rag doll mania so we trooped to Divisoria(!) to buy materials. As usual we got carried away but it was good, we had a rag doll making party. We're thinking our dolls should stand up for a cause, like cancer or AIDS but we got sidetracked.

Mine was a vampire doll, so I guess it's Donate Blood Regularly, It's Healthy. Sluterella (Pammy's doll) was into S&M so hers was Whip Someone Everyday. Ron's was against Elephantiasis or something. Chri's lump, I mean doll, looked like Mayor Sanchez so it's Anti-Rape. Jonas' and Gabby's doll is still undecided, so for now they're for Protect the Unborn.

Meet the Mutants.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Seeing If You're Still There

Ok, I'm trying to get back in the habit of writing just for the sake of writing. It doesn’t have to be insightful or witty or cancer-curing, I just need to write. I don’t have to impress anyone at all, I’m writing for myself.

After all, when someone buys you a domain you’re supposed to get the most out of it. So yeah, see that in the URL box, it’s my very own dot com. Thank you, generous person. I hope you’ll still be here by the time it expires so you can pay for the renewal.

I’m doing my Project 365 now, and while I have my commitment issues I hope I can make it. I have to take one self-portrait a day and post it on Flickr. Before you all accuse me of having another venue for hedonism and self-worship (and it’s true, everybody has some of it in varying degrees for self-preservation), I don’t always show my face.

I don’t know when I’ll run out of ideas for the daily thing, I’m sure one day I wouldn’t even care because I have ADD like that. I’m trying to do several things now, like finish Breaking Dawn, pack for a long trip, and finish some stuff before leaving.

I’m excited for this trip because finally I can cross two countries off my list, and I’ll be going with Giles. I think this will be our first trip together, except if you count the Enchanted Kingdom thing last year. For $13 each, our room has a balcony and wifi. How cool is that?

Friday, August 08, 2008

Hi, I'm Redjeulle, and I'm a Plurk Addict

This is your cue to say, "Hi Redjeulle".

Then I'll talk about how I got addicted to Plurk and I was supposed to get help for the addiction, but dammit I fall off the wagon too many times and there are days when it's just too tiring to fight it.

Then I will talk about how Plurk helped silence the annoying voices in my mind, that sometimes the voices don't really have that much to say, and that one-liners are often the name of the game. I will talk about how Plurk seemingly became the answer to those one-liners that were just dying to be expressed in one way or another. I'll talk about how my officemates have had enough of it they look away when I draw breath for another brilliant one.

And yeah, then I'll admit that I really don't open this blog that much not because of Plurk, but because it's getting old already. That blogging had helped me in so many ways, I appreciate that, hell it prevented me from gouging my own eyes out whenever I fall into a pit of depression. But I"ll also talk about how I expressed myself in other ways, aside from Plurking.

I'll talk to you about my Project 365, how I am awfully scared of starting it, the commitment problems I have, and the things I do subconsciously just because I didn't want to commit. This is a test of my resolve and self-discipline.

I'll even talk to you about how I considered our Peter Pan Year over, a year of fun and roller-coaster rides and amazing things happening all at once. Neverland was not a dream, nor was it a made up place -- it's just that we grew up. Someday we'll visit it again, but right now I'm staring at my filing.

I'll talk to you about how certain people confuse me, but I refuse to be confused. I want to keep my head above water this time, and to not voluntarily drown just because someone pretty told me to inhale underwater. Or maybe I will not talk about that.

I'll talk about how I was scared to open this blog and dare to write, because I don't know what would I write about, if I can still write at all. Obviously I can, as you can still see my byline on print. But blogging is much more intimate for me; I pimp my personal life for blog material. Whatever's inside me will come out in some form -- a joke, a vignette, or a sarcastic remark sharp enough to cut through.

Obviously I've kept so much inside that I'm having verbal diarrhea now. But it just feels so gooood (you have no idea) to talk and talk and talk (or write and write and write) even though no one's listening (or reading). It just feels so damn good.

Big changes are coming, I can feel it. Both in this blog, and in my life. The one I live on the physical plane, because I also exist aside from all the virtual space I staked claim on.