Monday, April 30, 2007

The Point of No Return

I knew it.

I knew once I start watching Heroes I will never stop. So I slept at 4am after marathon-watching five episodes (I started at 12pm, I know) and now I'm drunk from lack of sleep. I should know better than that, the one reason my doctor gave me why I contracted the freaking third world virus was that my immune system was shot. I wasn't getting enough rest and vitamins, so the virus was able to enter my body.

But it's HEROES. Heroes. Try watching one episode and you'll see what I mean.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Showbiz Country

I am here sitting inches away from old school showbiz, namely Kuya Germs (playing cards), Pilita (smoking her heart, or lungs for that matter, out), and some other people familiar enough to me kissing their way through the crowd. I've heard mentions of tapings, call slips, Walang Tulugan, and Broadway.

While I'm trying to keep my cool, some people passing by just stare at the celebrities openly. Do they know that staring is just plain rude? Sort of like brushing your teeth in front of people in places other than bathrooms, or asking someone you barely know how old they are or how much they are making. Rude is also telling people they are fat, in other countries you could be slapped for that.

(Speaking of brushing your teeth in public, I was shocked when I saw the new commercial of Hapee toothpaste. For the love of everything that's holy, why did THE Lea Salonga consent to brushing her teeth while holding a globe? I couldn't speak for a few seconds, then we all laughed at the absurdity of it all. I love Lea, I go to see her concerts and I buy her albums, and to see her in this ridiculousness is a big shocker for me.)

Eeeek, their coffee is so not good. I'm leaving.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Miscellaneous Thoughts at 3:00 a.m.

I just had my hair done, and it’s stiff as Baguio walis. You know, those with Jesus Saves on the handle. Actually, it’s softer than my hair. Goshdarnit, it feels like somebody poured Coke on my hair and it air-dried. I feel icky, can’t wait for tomorrow when I can legally give it some tender loving care. I’m itching to pour Kerastase on it right now except that I will have to shampoo it after 30 minutes and I’m really really sleepy already.

When you look at it it really doesn’t look stiff, but when I try to brush it every now and then even Denman gives up. It looks nicer though, I guess we all have to suffer for beauty.


I am done with cartoons, animations, talking animals, inanimate objects cracking jokes, the triumph of good over evil, lessons to be learned, and the general bubble-gummy wholesomeness of Walt Disney, Dreamworks, Paramount, Sony Pictures, and whatever film outfit that churns out those goody-goodies.

I think I’m going to puke rainbows and unicorns. I just finished marathon-watching a 12-movie animation DVD. Actually, I’m just delaying Heroes because I know I will not get out of my room until I finish everything. Oh, I got myself a RAINBOW BRITE COLORING BOOK. How cool is that? I bought a 64-color crayon set to go with it. All because I wasn’t able to enroll in art class this summer.

The things you do when you’re bored.


There is a fucking insect inside my room and it’s buzzing over my head. I think it’s a contest – he tries to annoy me and I try to ignore it. I wonder who’s gonna win.

The things you write about when you’re bored.


This art class, I wanted to enroll but I wasn’t able to. That hospitalization thing was a real inconvenience.

Anyway, I want to learn about everything, from basic sketching to oil painting. I used to do watercolor and mixed media, but I wasn’t really taught formally. The thing is, this will only add to my current addictions and I don’t know if I can afford to have another on top of photography and lomography (technically they are the same thing but it’s a long story) and good old lakwacha. I still haven’t started on my thesis and according to my Gantt chart, I’m supposed to be interviewing by now.

Art was something I’ve done for as long as I can remember. I drew everywhere – walls, inside covers of books, ceilings, floors, my brother’s shirts – anywhere there’s a blank space. My mother entered me into all sorts of art contests, the first one was when I was six and my competitors were all adults. The church in Tagaytay sponsored it, and the priest gave me a special price for being the youngest contestant. The theme was biblical scenes, and I drew Moses as a baby in the basket boat. It was a dreary day for baby Moses, I painted the sky a dark blue. I wanted to paint Daniel with the starving lion, but my lion looked like the lady selling puto in our cafeteria. She scared me more than lions did.

Friday, April 27, 2007


Today is one of those days I wish I own a gun or better yet, a bazooka. I wished that at least 30 times today.

With the election campaigns in full blast, the stoopid candidates hire vehicles to which they attach megaphones to go around streets blaring their campaign song, none of which is enjoyable. I would like to point out that I'm still recovering, therefore I am entitled to oversleep on a weekday. It's not a very good day for me if I get awakened by very loud noises, pleasant or otherwise. I wake up murderous and ready to gut people through their nostrils.

This afternoon I sat on my windowsill with a stick, pretending it was a gun. I aim carefully at the passing megaphones on wheels, the very source of my unhappiness. In my head they explode in a cloud of gasoline and megaphone debris.

Oy Ojie, when's that Airsoft tournament again? Count me in, and tell our opponents to wear megaphones on their heads. I guarantee you championship.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back from the Dead

I also thought it was going to be my last entry.

On the eve of my birthday I was feeling my crappiest. I was tossing and turning on the hospital bed, I just had a nosebleed, my gastritis was acting up and I felt like my eyes would pop out from the heat I was feeling inside.

I asked for fever medicine but they won't give me anything because my temperature kept reading 37.3 degrees, even if they took it three times. It was 15 minutes to twelve, and I felt like shit. When my birthday comes around, I get emotional and introspective, I miss my dad and Bai and I get really sad. So I cried myself to sleep that night.

Then the dream.

I was walking on a grassy hillside -- nice, soft grass with little yellow flowers. Kind of like the scene in my Little Red Hen book. I wasn't tired or feeling crappy in my dream, but I knew I had to get somewhere in a few minutes so I was walking pretty fast. Then I saw my father.

"O Pa, anong ginagawa mo dito?"
"Hinihintay kita."
"Bakit? May pupuntahan pa ko."
"Hindi, dito ka lang, kwentuhan muna tayo."
"Sige." I sat down beside him on a boulder.
"Kumusta ka na anak?"
"Alam mo naman eh. Eto ok lang. Masaya naman."
"Mabuti. Muntik ka na sumabit dun ah."
"Dun sa huli mong pinasukan."
"Ah. Oo nga eh. Tanga tanga ko."
"Hindi, matalino ka nga eh, nakalabas ka pa."
"Nakita mo ba si Andrei?"
"Oo, gusto mo ba syang makita?"
"Saka na lang. Hindi pa ko ready. Pa, aalis na ko, may naghihintay sa kin."
"Wag ka na tumuloy. Hindi ka pa ready. Balik ka na. Tatanawin kita. Happy birthday anak."
So I waved goodbye and went back.

I woke up, it was morning, and I was ok. It was also my birthday.


PS: To everybody who greeted me, thank you very much. To those who emailed, there's something wrong with the remote access, I can't reply. I'll reply properly when I go back to work next week.

Friday, April 20, 2007

This May Be My Last Entry

When you have a 38-degree fever the previous night, you don't do the following:

1. Drink coolers which give you brain freeze.
2. Not buy the medicine the doctor prescribed you.
3. Keep playing with your enlarged lymph nodes.
4. Ignoring the lightheadedness throughout the day.
5. Provoke people.
6. Attend capoiera class and sweat buckets. (I swear, my partner looks like Onemig. When he was 14.)
7. Take a shower right after.
8. Go off to some party where you know you will drink half your body weight.
9. Attend another party after that.
10. Party with the full knowledge that you will have to get up after 2 hours of sleep to go to some pirate's land with your friends for some fun in the sun.

Friday's Feast I Lost Count

When you travel, which mode of transportation do you prefer?
Depends on where I’m going. I like getting on the big buses, and of course flying. But it’s such a hassle to go to the airport here in Manila.

Have you ever met a blogging friend in person?
Oh yes. Radioactive Adobo, Bridget Jones, Jher, Expectorants (but just for five minutes, I think), Pam, and Daday. I would also like to meet Ate Sienna, Anansi Girl and Mother Hen someday. :-)

When was the last time you were really, really tired?
After I got home from the Region 7 tour, I slept for 15 hours straight. The total sleep I got for the whole trip (which lasted for 6 days) would not be more than 24 hours. I slept anywhere – on planes, ferries, multicab, car, tent – we haven’t seen a proper bed until Day Four, and we hugged and kissed the first mattress we saw, even if it weren’t ours. On our last night Nomad got us a proper room in a villa with nice, nice beds. And pillows. And airconditioning. And a real bathroom with hot water. You never really realize what you have until it’s taken away from you.

Main Course
If you could have dinner with any one fictional character from a book or movie, who would it be?
Holden’s my guy. Dr. House would be interesting too, although if it was a contest on sarcasm it's no contest really.

Fill in the blank: One day, I hope to see _______________.
Sino pa ba? DENNIS TRILLO forever!
I also hope to see new graduates having a job OTHER than being a call center agent.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just How Many More Pictures of the Beach Can I Take

A whole lot more. Bantayan, 2007.
Now I'm sick and I don't know if I can take off yet again for the weekend. See, this never happened when I was 22. I was doing the exact same thing, and more with midweek gimiks lasting until four in the morning. God I'm old.

What Makes You Think I Can Do That?

I’m here in my new “office”, using my newest acquisition from the Sale section of the furniture department of my friendly neighborhood ever sosyal mall, Grand Central. I’m proud of this buy, it only cost me less than a thousand bucks. I have already paid and was visualizing it inside my room, when the sales clerk presented me the catch. “Ma’am, eto po yung instruction sheet pag assemble ng table.” What? You will give that to me in pieces? “Hindi po kami nag aassemble dito talaga eh.” I don’t even know what is a Philip and digis. That’s how he pronounced it, digis. He said I would need both to screw the parts together, but the only thing I’m sure of is I’m screwed.

Naknampf di ba?

Anyway, if there’s a will, there’s a rich, dead body. I mean, a way. And if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. I got someone to assemble it for me (his name was not Philip nor Digis but he did it), and now it sits here beautifully in a corner. Maki, Moshy and the speakers, and Pixar the lamp now resides here. It even has a pullout where I stash my old reaction papers (with the red ink from my professor) and my French workbooks. The drawer houses all the chargers I possess, which, if connected from end to end can encircle the globe twice. I’m not kidding. I’m planning to get a corkboard to hang on the wall, something for notes and maybe photos too. I don’t know who will leave me notes though, except for Myself. But I know Myself very well and she’s too lazy to write notes. Yaya can leave me notes, except I’ll just be annoyed with the “Ate poh” and “thenx poh” kind of prose she generates.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

That Annual Thing

So it's less than a week before my birthday, and as usual, here is my wishlist (aside from world peace):

1. An LC-A Lomo, either brand new or refurbished, with colorsplash flash or not. And films, it's so hard to source out expired slide and negative films here, specially the 120, or else I would have gotten a Holga.
2. Bigger speakers for Moshy, my iPod nano. The Altec just won't do anymore. We brought it to the beach and it was swallowed whole by the other speakers there. A Bose would be overdoing it, but I won't say no to that.
3. Blackberry 8707. It's actually being offered here in the office for a song, but I don't want to be tied to some contract for 2 years.
4. Canon 50mm/1.4 EF (haaay).

1. Bare Escentuals Feather Light Mineral Veil.
2. Complete set of brushes, not necessarily Shu Uemura (hehehe),
3. New supplies of No. 7 Soft and Soothed cleanser and toner, the one I have (courtesy of that cousin from the UK) is running out and I'm panicking. It works for me, and I don't know where to get my next batch. Can anybody just point me to where is it being sold? I'm trying to look for substitutes, Body Shop Vitamin E and Badescu Botanical Gels come close.
4. Mario Badescu drying and buffering solutions. You never know when you'll break out.
5. Spa gift certificates.
6. Shiseido sunscreen line. I have been under the sun too much, and there are more coming.

Anik Anik
1. New books, as usual. Maybe a pre-ordered Harry Potter?
2. New CDs, none of those compilation crapolas.
3. Havaianas?
4. New furniture for my room, no big ones though. Maybe a funky CD rack or bar stools. I don't know where will I put the bar stools but whatever.

World Peace category
1. Hmmm... this is tough. For once in my life I really don't have anything to ask for, except for the material things above (yeah yeah) which is more of a Dear Santa list. I'm in a good place right now -- I'm happy, I have my (growing) family, I can travel, I have good friends, I can do the things I want, I am one semester short of graduation, and I have peace of mind. I know I deserve this, and I will enjoy it.

I will have a happy birthday, whether I party or not.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Lakbay Lomo

You are all invited to Lomomanila's newest exhibit, Lakbay Lomo at DPI Photography Center, 2/F Astoria Plaza, J. Escriva Drive, Ortigas Center. The launch will be on 21 April at 8pm, and will run until the end of May. This will be my first time to join their exhibit so please do come.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Where'd They Go?

I just did the jinga and now my legs are gone. Like gone. I can't feel them anymore, except when I try to sit or walk or just look at them - then they hurt like hell. What am I doing paying thousands of bucks for this? I think I even see stars...and a light...warm light...the light is calling me.



"Bagay ba sa kin ang kulot?"
"Oo, tapos magdamit ka ng pulang velvet. Sasabitan ka namin ng sampaguita pag Sunday."

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Everything Should, Could, Would, Must, Come to an End

Dear. God.

It has been two months. Two whole, long, agonizing months. When will you ever stop?

Yes, you have been cheated on. Yes, you broke up. Yes, you were hurt. Yes, you must vent and cry and rant and obsess. But that was TWO months ago. Please stop right now before I bleed from the vein on my forehead. The vein has formed opinions since the February event, and right now it's begging me to tell you to STFU before it shuts down my whole system.

I might seem callous and unfeeling to be telling you this in the middle of all the banging of your head against the wall, but listen to me and focus - you are not the first human being to go through all this. In the history of the universe countless other people have had their hearts shredded to bits many, many times over. Yet they lived to tell the tale (fine, the others are now dead). I did, now I'm telling you to please stop. I am this close to slapping you back to sanity.

The first two weeks was understandable, I deserve credit for sitting in front of you just nodding and making sympathetic noises and helping you eat that hideous ube ice cream. I let you tell the story four million times until you have analyzed every single bit of information that led to the demise of your fairy tale. I tried not to roll my eyes and will myself to die when you go "What did I do wrong?" I probably wasn't very helpful at the analyzing part, since it's not really my style to do post-mortems on relationships, but I was there when all your so-called friends had ditched you.

Now my sanity is at stake, and I'm not planning on banging my head in harmony with you. Would it help if I told you that the object of your obsession is a big dickhead, one who is well on his way on becoming a pathetic loser who will most likely live with his mother for the rest of his life? That if there was a contest after breaking up, you know who would win and who would sport the biggest L in his forehead until the day he dies? That you can say to him, head held up high, "Fuck you, I brought culture and breeding into your very jologs life, how dare you do this to me, you who can't even pronounce 'country' properly?"

I was there when he said "kawntri" so you can stop pretending it never happened. I was also there when he threw a tantrum just because you didn't wear the necklace he gave you. I was there when he made a green joke, no, a dirty joke in front of your MOM. Your mom. Now he's gone and you're wailing? We should be celebrating, for goodness' sake. You are now free of the embarrassment, the awkwardness, and the general pretentiousness of it all. You are free, period.

Haven't you noticed that people who loved you were relieved (and should I say happy) that you two broke up? Nobody really liked him for you, even your dog. Buttercup can smell itim ng budhi from a mile away. So please, enough with all this texting me in the middle of the night saying that you miss him, because the next time you do that I will come to your house and I will personally bang your head against your adobe wall. Pramis.

Eats, Shoots and Leaves

A sign inside our ferry boat.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Missed my Bed. Any Bed.

I'm back under pure unadulterated fluorescent lighting. This vacation was the longest I've been with ANY person on a trip.

This trip was so long, the henna tattoo I had on the second day has faded, my tan lines are overlapping, and I had downloaded my CF cards on Nomad's laptop so I can take more pictures.

It was long, but it was fun. I had been on at least 15 different zip codes (I kid you not). I will write more once I get all these papers off my desk, and when I get over this sluggishness from overcompensating my sleep. I slept yesterday - not last night, yesterday - and just woke up this morning.

Once I wake up properly I'll post pictures at Multiply.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Paddle or Die

(NOTE: I'm here blogging somewhere remote, hurrah for technology blah blah blah, but WeRoam is sooooo slow even if you get a full signal.)

When a friend suggested we go whitewater rafting in Padas, we all agreed to sign up. Wabbit and Hesika had done it already in Chico, but it will be my first time. It is a Class III-IV (depending on the rainfall) rapid and the highest is Class V, so we were expecting it to be a little wild. Ok, that was a lie, like almost every single thing in this trip, we didn’t know what to expect. From experience, anything is possible when the three of us travel together.

After stuffing ourselves with mee mamak and cereal (Honey Stars!) at the buffet breakfast, we stole waffles by wrapping it in napkins. You don’t really need to know that we already have a big bag of snacks for the trip, but now you do. What can I say, I guess it’s a Pinoy trait to always have food whenever we go on trips. It is a trip, a field trip. We parked our waffle-stealing butts at the hotel lobby to wait for the bus that will take us to the river, but we got worried when it was already half past eight and there was no bus in sight. We thought they left us because we were late.

We fell asleep waiting for them, and Hesika woke up with Daniel the telenovela boy waving at us with a clipboard. He ushered us to the bus, with a video camera recording our sleepy grins. As we got seated a guy stood up at the front of the bus (ahem, ahem) and started briefing us about the trip. I didn’t hear most of it because I was busy powdering my nose for the video.

After about an hour we got to the Keretapi Train Station. The train will take us to the mountains where the river is. It is a very old train, running since the late 1800s. It looked old too. We were supposed to board the train on the other side of the tracks, and since we were MMDA-trained (pun intended) we took the overpass to cross to the other side. The others just walked over the tracks. I don’t want to do that, I have this irrational fear that if I walk on the tracks even if there was no train in sight it would be my death. I have the same fear of getting scrunched by elevator doors.

Finally, the train blew its whistle and we’re off. We took pictures of the train and of each other and of the train and of each other. It was hot inside, so I dared sit at the doorway to have some mountain air on my face. The view wasn’t much, but it was so childishly fun to stick your arm (or feet or head) out while the train was moving. We took turns sitting at the door until we remembered our bag full of food. Watching the video, we were always chewing or drinking during the train ride.

We got off at the Pangi station, the base camp. We left our things there, and sadly, even the cameras because they weren’t waterproof. We didn’t get to perform our production number with the sunscreen because some guy kept shouting at us to “GET BACK ON THE TRAIN! NOW!” As we were hurrying up (I don’t like being shouted at) the same guy added “YOU CAN TAKE YOUR SUNSCREEN WITH YOU!” Oh yeah? Why didn’t you say so in the first place?

We continued our sunscreen episode while the train was taking us to yet another station where we will start. There we were outfitted with helmets and life vests while being fed watermelon and bananas. We amused ourselves by body slamming each other a la Takeshi’s Castle. Hesika’s idea, not mine. Wabbit didn’t participate.

The guy who talked at the bus then gave us a safety briefing, or what to do when your life starts to flash back at you while you’re swallowing the river. He showed us how to sit properly on the raft and how to hold the paddle, told us not to try to stand when we fall into the rapids, how to hug the kayak while you’re being rescued, and that they will throw you a bag of rope if you’re too far away from them. I think you’re supposed to use it to strangle yourself for a quick death. Kidding.

Groups were assigned to raft masters and we got the Guy With All the Spiels. After that we walked a little to where the rafts are, and excitedly took our positions. Only six people can paddle in a raft, and although I am perfectly content to just sit there and observe, somebody passed me one. Great.

The first few minutes on the river was spent giggling and screaming at the mini-waves that was getting us wet. How innocent were we then. There were ten of us on the raft, two on the front, four in the middle (including the three of us), and two at the back (the masters, or those who are holding our lives by the virtue of their paddles and patience).

We came to a rather calm part of the river and we were pushed into it because it's a "swimming area". Our opinions hold no value whatsoever. After getting back to the raft (it was rather difficult) the raft master told us that in a few minutes we will be experiencing the first rapid of the course, and if he shouts "paddle hard" then we must paddle hard and not stop until he says so.

I didn't like the way he said it, like he was threatening us. What's the worst thing that could happen, right? Well, the worst thing happened to Wabbit. Upon reaching a big whirlpool, she only had time to exclaim "Ay, ang laki!" before she disappeared from our sights. I didn't have time to symphatize with her much then, since my upper body was also immersed in the river. Hesika pulled me back, then we both screamed Wabbit's name because we don't see her anywhere. My mind was already thinking about what to tell her parents, and I don't think her last words would ease their pain. When traveling with other people, you are each other's responsibility, and I don't plan on facing her family being interrogated as to what really happened.

Turned out she was rescued by another raft, coming from the opposite direction of where we're screaming. Another girl was hugging the kayak but I didn't care about her because she was wearing red and Wabbit had a purple shirt on. Wabbit got back to her place, but this time when they say "paddle hard" she takes it as her cue to put her paddle down and hold on to the raft.

There were eight more rapids after that but we learned our lesson, so no further incidents followed. Ok, no MAJOR incidents. The last hurrah we had of the river was at the end, when once again we were pushed out of the raft against our will. Hesika and I were together, holding hands while letting the river water take us to the docking place. Then there were shouts of "Swim to the right!" from the kayak guy. I tried swimming to the right, but since I was toting Hesika the Hysterical, I had to endure endless screaming while trying swimming to the right. People were looking at us thinking we were dying or something, but since she's the only one screaming they pretty much ignored us. Looking at the kayak guy still shouting "swim to the right" he was probably thinking, how can I communicate to these two idiots that if they don't swim to the right they will be picked up at the South China Sea? And I was thinking, well, try dragging this hysterical paraplegic WHILE swimming to the right. Kayak guy got tired of shouting orders so he came to us and made us hug the kayak and brought us to the docking area.

That was the last memory I have. I blacked out from all the river water that I swallowed. The next thing I remember was staring at this guy’s abs, that if abs can be used to buy things he could very well buy me a lot of Havaianas with those. I swear, if he asked for all my money while smiling at me and with those eyes, I would have given it to him.

We changed to dry clothes, ogled the abs guy, had lunch, ogled the guy, watched the video, ogled the guy, bought Coke even if we weren't thirsty because abs guy was selling it. On the way back to the hotel we managed to learn his name so we can do the FLAMES thing and tattoo it on our backs. Next time you see us remind us to show it to you.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why God Invented Friends

God gave us friends so you have someone to pig out with at your local tapsilugan at ten in the evening because you’re so hungry even though you already had dinner at some fancy ass place where you ate pretty food with a date you can’t even recall the last name.

God gave us friends so you can discuss inane things with them over YM, conversations so way over the top silly that if other people would happen to read it they would declare you participants of Edsa Tres, and not two professional and intelligent women that are capable of making lesser beings fold under their cold stares.

God gave us friends so you can discuss your one-way relationship with somebody who doesn’t even care that you exist. Although he knows about you, he has no idea you’re already planning the wedding. Your friend is the appointed maid of honor, and she’s suggesting motifs already.

God gave us friends so you have people to go with to have your flu vaccination. They will even suggest you all get a drink of water first to prepare for the unpleasant. Then they will tell the nurse to be gentle because you’re all afraid of heights.

God gave us friends that can dream about your major life decisions, even though they know nothing about it until you tell them and your friend’s jaw will drop because that was exactly what they dreamed about.

God gave us friends to have a beer or two with, then wax nostalgic about the pros and cons of going Brazilian, and whether being a karate instructor can fall under medicine or engineering or law, because those are the only professions your parents recognize.

God gave us friends to celebrate with, whether it’s your child’s grades or passing the compre. Whatever the occasion, you know they are happy for you.

God gave us friends so you have someone to tell you that you’re a mean evil woman, but of course you deny it and tell him he’s way meaner to you than you are to him, and it will go back and forth for a while then you end up saying you miss him and will he ever go back to the Philippines so you can go on road trips again and pig out at buffets and burp in his presence.

God gave us friends that just a few months before you never thought existed, and because they’re such wonderful people you wish with all your heart that same sex union is legal everywhere.

God gave us friends so you can have the following conversation with them:

“Pare pakshet two hours ako nagdrive! Sakit sa pwet pala. Nakarating ako ng Ortigas ever! Walang casualty.”
“Congratulations! Karirin ang drive! Sana may karu ang kras mo para maipagdrive mo sya.”
“Sige, tapos I’ll take him to his death.”
“Di bale, at least masaya ka hanggang sa last breathing moment nyo.”
“Oo, nakangiti ako sa morgue kasi magkasama kami hanggang sa huling sandali.”
“At lahat kaming nakasilip sa kabaong mo, napapangiti rin kasi ang ngiti mo hanggang third molar.”
“Ampanget, di ako masasabihan na parang natutulog lang kasi naka Close Up smile ako.”
“Ang morbid.”
Kanina pa di ba.

I’m thankful to have these friends – smart, caring, thoughtful, and intelligent all of them – may God also bless you with friends like mine. Have a meaningful Lent. I’m meditating somewhere south of the country, courtesy of one very good friend.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Urban Sunsets

The magnificent sun from my office window.

On Saturday we trooped to the Lomo Wall launch at Route 196 in Katipunan as planned. Although Nomad wasn't too keen at the prospect of going out in the middle of analyzing and recommending, we were able to convince him with the promise "sandali lang tayo". "Sandali" turned out to be until 1:30 a.m.
It was a small place, and it was packed. People were jammed into every corner, and finding a parking spot took us 30 years, at one point Nomad's car was horizontal in the middle of Katipunan. By the way, two cars for three people is not always a good idea.

Since it was mainly a lomography event, almost everybody had a toy cam and were flashing people, in a good way. Jill greeted me by taking my picture, and a new kick-ass do. I also finally met Pam Pastor, who was there with her band Mozzie. Too bad we had to go just after Starfucker.

Some pics from the event, more at Multiply. Well, when I find time to upload, that is.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Off Again

I am once more packing my bags and taking Hershey off to uncharted seas. While the fact remains that I will be broke when I come back from this trip, I have stopped looking at my travels on a financial point of view. True, it drains me and my bank account, but the added experience is priceless for me.

I'm not saying that you should drop whatever you're doing and just pack your bags and jump on a plane, of course we all have to work to be able to travel, unless your last name constantly appears in Forbes Magazine's Richest People list, or whatever they call it. I think everyone should make time to go somewhere they haven't been before, at least once a year. It's a small world, sure, but there are still a gazillion places out there still waiting to be discovered.