Saturday, September 29, 2007

Three Me

I'm here at Fili Deli waiting for my callos and taking advantage of the free wifi after sticking our pictures for the lomowall, then I remembered what date it is today.

My blog is three years old!

The past year was a great year. I've sloughed off useless things and those with no value-added qualities and I came back to who I really am. I didn't realize it for a bit, but I missed my old life. And that cliche about "everything happens for a reason"? Very very true.

If I hadn't made the Decision to cut off my excess baggage, I wouldn't be into all these very interesting things I'm doing now. I wouldn't have gone back to school, photography, nor would I ever have known lomography and Lomomanila. I wouldn't have made new friends and met a lot of interesting people along the way.

It's a great time to be alive.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Choose, You Jackass

A friend presented this situation: she likes two people but can't decide which one. Both are equally cute, equally attentive, and equally serious about her. The deciding factors would be that the first guy is poor, and the other one is a bit brainless.

There were four of us she asked for advice, and we were unanimous in saying that she should just choose the poor one. "Ang pagiging mahirap, nagagawan ng paraan; pero ang kabobohan, habangbuhay na yan." (Being poor can be temporary, but stupidity is for life.)

Although it can be argued that all of us have varying degrees of stupidity in different areas (don't I know it), and without this gene our lives would be extremely dull. But I'm not even talking about being academically challenged; so he didn't go to a good school and can't distinguish past perfect tense from present perfect, or straight line computation from annuity. Those things you learn in a classroom and from books. But there are more important things in life than verb tenses and computing your loan interests.

I'm talking about having common sense, life-changing decision making, and in general having an open mind. When someone's a little low on IQ you can explain something till your eyeballs pop and your nose bleeds and he wouldn't get it. What else would you call a person who would not think twice about talking out loud about a sensitive subject?

The scariest thing is if your children would inherit it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

CinemaLomo 2007

We don't just take pictures. We make movies. Presenting CinemaLomo 2007 this November.

HALF - The LHC official entry to CinemaLomo. Starring Fozzy Castro and Chips Dayrit. Everyone's looking for their other half.

See you at Mogwai, Cubao-X this November 24.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mr. and Mrs. Ruiz, Finally

After six years of being together, my sister and Jossell finally got married today. Congratulations to the both of you, I wish you a lifetime of happiness, wonderful children, and love to fill all your days. And also I wish you a bubble shield of protection against unwarranted jealousy, temptation, and narrow-mindedness.
Jossell, I want to tell you this: if you hurt my sister in any way, I swear on all my gadgets that I will hunt you down and chop you to pieces then run you through the office shredder. Or I will get my friends who owns guns to hunt you down.
I'm so happy you're now a member of the family.

I love you both.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dilemmas I Hope to Have Someday

RAV4 or CRV?

Columns or Pacific Plaza?

Paris or Venice?

Inspired by my current dilemma, iMac or MacBook Pro? I'm really in a bind out here. If I can't decide I'll put it off till January when I get more money and just make do with my iBook G4, a.k.a. Maki. On the other hand, maybe I'll just keep the money to save up for Dilemma #3 above, otherwise known as Project EuroPantasya.

Last night I dreamt that the Gels and I went to Paris where we stayed in a really old inn, but with a spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower. Kind of like Remy's apartment in Ratatouille. In the dream I told Hesika that I'm not going back home, that I'm taking the train to Italy and I won't look back. I was so firm and decisive in the dream that it scared me a little.

I have this trait of being able to detach myself from emotional things and situations, that if I'm in an emo mood that means I'm allowing myself to wallow in it. When I lose material things I feel pissed, but only for a very short while. They can always be replaced.

When it's with people, I hold on for a bit, because hey, they're people. Whatever you do to them, you can't take back, or erase, or pretend it never happened. But if it can't be fixed anymore, I have no problem of letting go. I just cut the ties and suddenly, I'm ok. I don't hold grudges but at the same time, they cease to exist for me. I'm like that.

What if I come to a point in my life where I have to choose between a promising future but my past will forever be gone? Will I be able to detach myself from the very things that made me what I am?

So It Continues

One night I got home late (as usual), I was on my way to the bathroom when I saw yaya sitting on her bed in front of the electric fan.

She was humming along with it. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm..."

"Anong ginagawa mo? Matulog ka na."
"Hihihihi. Wala po ate. May hinihintay lang po akong text."
"Anong text? Ikaw puro ka kaboyprenan ha. Patingin ng cellphone mo."
"Ayoko po."
"Gusto mo bawiin namin yan?"
"Ay naku ate, wala po kayong makikita dyan."
I got the cellphone and checked out her Contacts.
"Anong wala? Eto oh, puro lalaki ang nasa address book mo."
"Hindi po, mga pwends ko lang po yan."
"Friends daw. Sino tong Severial Palsi?"
"Wala po ate, di ko po kilala yan. Napanood ko lang po yan sa TV, nagtetext gamit ang paa. Tapos nakalagay po sa TV yung number nya. Ite-textmate ko po sana pero hindi naman nagrereply."
"Ang pangalan nya Severial Palsi?"
"Si ate talaga, ano ba, sakit nya po yan. Kala ko po matalino kayo?"

I heart yaya.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Absolut Advertisement

I did something.

Something that was on the verge of tipping over to another more serious something, but thankfully someone happened to be such a bitch and prevented the more serious thing from happening.

I was this close, this close, to breaking the spell.

This entry is brought to you by Absolut Kurant.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random Laws of the Universe

1. Empty cabs will endlessly parade in front of you when you don’t need them.
2. It will rain on the only day you forget to bring an umbrella.
3. You’re not usually clumsy, but you will spill something on yourself just when you’re wearing white jeans.
4. You will bump into your ex on your worst hair day.
5. Just when you’re late for a very important meeting, the train/car/bus breaks down.
6. Your favorite hard-to-find-on-DVD movie will be shown when you’re out of town, and you don’t have TiVo.

We'll Get You All Hot and Bothered

Fourplay: A Multi-lens Exhibit featuring the works of 14 lomographers, using cameras with 4 lenses -- the Supersampler and the Actionsampler, on 4 October - 4 November 2007 at Fili Deli, 5911A Matilde Street, Makati City (along Kalayaan Ave. near Rockwell).
Because it's not just a prelude to the main event.
PS: Bridget and Jher, Dylan, Mother Hen, and TM friends, hope to see you there.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Can't Get Over This

Today's issue of Inquirer 2Bu includes our CDO Trip. This is the most colorful spread I've seen since the Enchanted Kingdom Field Trip. Thanks to Samsung and Team Stalactite and Stalagmite. You guys rock.

Mine. More at Multiply.
The Super Magaling Jill Lejano.

Jay Lara's TLR shots.

The Happy Heart Mascot. He was the only who got up early enough to see the grand parade. The rest of us were still in bed, snoring.

Don't miss too the great articles written by the Wonderfully Complicated Pajammy, who is in Boracay right now with the Super Jello. Hope it's not raining over there.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

CDO Feature

Please don't forget to pick up a copy of Inquirer tomorrow for the Cagayan de Oro feature. You will not be disappointed. I can't put up my pictures before publication except for this one and Pam's picture essay.

This is for Chri and Fifi

Lately I’ve been hanging out at my windowsill, watching DVDs while I sit with my back against the grill propped by a pillow. My dead chrysanthemum pot (remember the poor plant I bought? Yeah, it’s dead for like five months now.) now serves as an ashtray, and sometimes I put my feet up while I eat my lunch at four in the afternoon. The sun would set on me and still I would sit there, going through episode after episode of Friends.

Last night, I was propped again up there eating milk and Frosties. Now, I live in one of those old apartments with big windows; my view is the opposite apartment’s window identical to mine. Suddenly there’s this little boy of about three calling and waving at me from a window, smiling and gurgling and just being cute. It was kind of dark from his room, just the light from the TV behind him so I can’t totally see his face. We went on waving to each other for about five minutes, because when I stop he shouts at me. So I keep on waving and blowing kisses at the cute little boy.

Then I got tired and just ignored him basically, because Monica was about to propose to Chandler. The season ended so I went to get ready for bed and forgot about the kid. I was lying there hugging my pillow, drifting off, when suddenly I remembered something very very important. It was so important I wasn’t able to sleep until two in the morning.

I remembered that nobody lives in that apartment opposite mine.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Going, Going, Gone

I have a very short attention span. If some psychologist were to run tests on me, I might be declared as someone with borderline ADHD. My life is like this because it causes me physical pain to do the same things over and over and over again.

I can't stand routine. My version of hell is if I were to be part of an assembly line for a factory, say, screwing the caps on toothpaste tubes. Or folding paper napkins for all eternity. I can't do that.

My life always have to have variety. I have to be doing something other than what I'm supposed to be doing. Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, but still I'd rather run around like a headless chicken than stare into space on a Friday night. I have to be doing something creative, something useful. My mother might label me a lazy ass but I just don't see the point of doing the laundry myself when I can haul it to some laundromat on my way to a play, a concert, or just somewhere where I can take pictures or just be with friends.

I'm this close to losing interest in something I thought I would be interested in for quite a while. Thank God for my cameras.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Hello Fatty

I like. I buy. Or find someone who will buy it for me. Joery, think of all my birthdays that you missed.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Face Your Pockets

Things that are living in the pockets of your bag, jeans or jacket: travel and pay checks, old cigarette pack that just looks interesting, sugar lumps and all the stuff that has found home in your pockets. They are all the treasures our project is looking for! Our goal is not only bring all this objects into light but show the owner of them.

From Face Your Pockets project, saw from Jill's site.

Obviously all the contents of my bag AND my face will not fit on the scanner bed. In picture: dugyut Nokia cellphone, keys, lomomanila pin, MRT card, ATM cards, lip gloss, flash drive, mineral veil. film, supersampler, eyeglasses, school ID, wet wipes, wallet, hairbrush, cigs and lighter.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Because the Truth Hurts

I'm not a big fan of how our government is run. Most often I don't have to interact with government offices anyway, but when I'm forced to I steel myself for impending frustration and disappointments. Somehow it's expected to be feeling all that when you deal with them.

The secret to lessening the impact is to come prepared. As much as possible try to have everything they ask for PLUS the things you think they will ask for. Just in case. But even then you never know what surprises will come your way.

To be fair, it's a lot better lining up for government documents now than it was five years ago. The processes are more streamlined, the frontline people are more courteous (relatively) and 80% of the time they know what they're talking about. It also helps if you know someone "up there" so you don't have to wait for days.

But still, the "no-way" factor is running high, as in "No way are you going to make me wait for 2 hours" or "No way, 11 working days???" You're prepared but not enough, and you think it's a basic human right to complain and grumble about it. But when it's someone who's not from this country who does it, it's a different story.

I just defended a government office because it was called a lot of names. I live here. I was born, raised and educated here, and my whole life is built upon the culture and society of this country. I would never call myself patriotic, but I can't stand listening to other people who have never done anything for this country trashing dear old Bayang Sinilangan.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hello, Room

For the first time in months I get to spend the weekend doing absolutely nothing. The past week left me so tired that I just want to just lie here half-conscious for two days. The Kids of Central Perk is keeping me company, which is good because they’re gathering dust.

The thing with being used to roaming around the city until the sun is about to rise is that when I finally have some time to myself I don’t know what to do with it. I know I’m supposed to do my uh, paper, but see, I don’t want to. I’m going to hell.

I’m being reacquainted with the fixings in my room, like oh, I have a lamp. Or hey, I have a Nanny McPhee DVD. Recently my room only mostly see me unconscious, staggering in way past midnight – once with a Birdie party hat, a balloon and a loot bag from Giff’s birthday party. It must be a weird sight, especially since I also have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure and a Hello Kitty viewer in one hand.

I'm going crazy here. I can't stand it, we're going to Binondo.

Friday, September 07, 2007

We Are Lomomanila

Because I can't get enough of blogs and lomography. Lomomanila's blog.

There's a thread in the forum "Why Lomomanila?" I never got to post my answer to that, but I'll take this opportunity to do so.

I started to get into photography in 2002, when someone enrolled me in FPPF as a Christmas gift. (For that, I owe him my photography life. Thank you again.) Finally, I understood apertures and shutter speeds and depth of fields and chromatic aberration and lens flares. The difference between ISO 100 and 400. Sunny 16. The standard 1/ISO to prevent blurring. Things like that.

Digital was little known then, and we used film. It was, and still is, an expensive hobby. Equipments are major purchases, and sometimes life and limb are risked for that one good shot in a roll. I was happy, I get to exercise my right brain and my travels are well-documented.

Something happened in my personal life that I lost all interest in clicking the shutter. I just can't find it in me to find the perfect angle or compose the scene. I didn't care. Robin, my camera, sat inside my drybox for quite some time. Time came when I purchased a digital point and shoot. It was fun to use, mainly for camwhoring, but not really for serious photography. I thought new gadgets would solve my dry spell, so I got Ken the DSLR. I was wrong. Although for a time I played around with it (the instant gratification factor can get you high), somehow the pictures were "flat" and uninteresting for me.

By this time I had accumulated four different cameras and some lenses, including the actionsampler I got in 2005. I didn't like this camera very much because most of the pictures I took with it were from Crapolaville.

In March this year Jill invited me to the opening of Lomo Revolution. I went because I wanted to see her after so many years, and because I was interested to see what they came up with. Looking at the lomowall, it was a shock to the senses. All shapes and colors assaulted you, and I thought that people who came up with such interesting pictures should also be interesting. I decided to join the forum, and the next exhibit which was Lakbay Lomo.

The rest was history. If not for lomography I wouldn't be taking pictures anymore.

Even if some purists hate lomography, I don't care, we're happy with our "overpriced" toy cameras and the never-ending quest for cheap film. For digital photographers there's always the megapixel factor, the latest models, the full-frame myth, etc., for us it's a joy to find hundred-peso plastic cameras on sale in a remote photography shop.

In lomography happy accidents are welcome, being blurred is a nice change, light leaks are considered yummy, and vignettes are sultry. Add to that the anticipation of waiting for your rolls to be developed and scanned, there's no peeking at the LCD. I learned to be patient, and not to be so trigger-happy, because darn it, this is my last Provia roll and I don't know where to get the next batch.

Apart from reviving my interest in photography, I have found new friends in Lomomanila. Real people, funny people, tall and short, loud and shy - it's a great community.

I heart.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where in the World?

I know I've been to a lot of places already this year alone, and I just got back from CDO, but I miss traveling! I miss planes and big buses and boarding passes and passport stamps and immigration lines. To say that the travel bug bit me is a horrible understatement; I think it ate me whole, chewed, swallowed, and regurgitated only to be attacked again.

It's like there's a contest on who can go the most places in a year and the punishment is death for the loser. I don't mind not having enough sleep, always packing and unpacking, or being constantly tired. I just want to go somewhere, anywhere.

I was meant to be a gypsy.

Monday, September 03, 2007

You Would Think I Have Learned Something by Now

But nooooooo.

I still bump my knees against my CPU.
I still shovel hot food in my mouth.
I still put things off until the last minute.
I still trip on the third step of our stairs.
I still wear white pants on rainy days.
I still read with dim lighting.
I still marathon-watch DVDs until my head hurts.
I still buy overpriced chinelas.
I still slam my head on my bookshelf.

And I still get sucked in by a vortex of cloud nine proportions that generate nice warm feelings, even with the full knowledge that I shouldn't even be near it.

I can't wait for this to pass.

CDO in Lomo

Cagayan de Oro, August 2007. Velvia xpro. I love film!

In Reply

No, it doesn't have to be.

Countdown to Closing

The exhibit is ending, so you better look at the crap we've come up with. And watch out for LomoLove Too! I heart Lomomanila.