Wednesday, November 29, 2006

She Has a Point There

Me: pag ba hinoldap ka tapos pinipilit kang mag withdraw tapos bigla mong binali ang ATM jujukilin ka nila?
Kikay: malamang
Kikay: ikaw kung gutom na gutom ka na tapos me fuding ang kapatid mo, tapos humihingi ka...tapos imbes na bigyan ka, sinamol nya lahat
Kikay: di mo ba sya jujukilin?
Me: eh hindi naman kami magkapatid ng holdaper no
Me: saka hindi naman holdaper ang kapatid ko
Kikay: eh di lalo na! anong care nya kung dumanak ang dugo mo?

I Wish Everyday the Sky is Blue

But lately I feel like I'm inside an Escher artwork. No way out, so confusing and far removed from reality.

What the heck, what I really want to say is I'm unbelievably sleepy and I can't go home just yet because I'm having a four-day weekend. Yessssss!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

She Can't Have Too Much of One Thing

Classic quips from Apo Jukay, ca 2006:

On Happy Feet:
"Nood tayo ng Happy Feet."
"Bumili ako ng DVD nun, sinoli ko nga eh."
"Puro penguin eh."

On French lessons:
"Enroll tayo ng French, Apo."
"Nag-enroll na ko nyan dati, di ko lang inattendan."
"Bakit naman?"
"French sila ng French eh."

Upon seeing a picture of my feet:
"Paa mo yan?"

All of which I refuse to dignify with an answer.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Not Anubis


Sparkling personality, intense will, intelligent, understanding, impatient to exert influence.

Colors: male: red carmine, female: gold
Compatible Signs:
Bastet, Geb
Apr 20 - May 7, Aug 12 - Aug 19

Role: God of the pharaoh
Form of a falcon-headed man, wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt

Sacred Animal: falcon

What is Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign?
Designed by CyberWarlock of Warlock's Quizzles and Quandaries

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Calling my Fairy Godmother

I want this for Christmas. Yes, both. I don't know if I'll ever wear it, but yes I wantitwantitwantit.

Moving On

This is for Scott, whose grandpa Leslie passed away.

Why do people have to die?
So life can have meaning. That every day here on earth matters, and all we do in that life and for the people in it can have importance, that we can sleep at night not sure if we're going to wake up the next day but knowing that we have lived well.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Friday's Feast 118

They're back.

Do you believe there is intelligent life on other planets?
Sure I do. It is an infinite galaxy after all, and there are planets out there revolving around a star with the right mix of atmospheric gases. What, do you think we are so beloved by the Lord God that everything in the universe revolves around us? Please.

What is one thing you said you'd never do, but you eventually did?
That I will never get involved with someone whose brains are smaller than mine. Fucking aristocratic snob, am I? I'm sure the people I dated with bigger brains said the same thing about me.

Who is the teacher that influenced you the most in school?
Mrs. Garcia (Grade 1 teacher), grade school- I topped the class out of fear that she would humiliate me in front of everybody if I didn't know the answer. Ms. dela Cruz (Chemistry, 3rd year) and Mr. Montoyo (English, 4th year), high school - Ms. dela Cruz made it clear that even if she was half our size she could very well make us beg for her forgiveness; Mr. Montoyo, because he proved that teachers can be your friend. Mr. Haro, Mr. Bolivar (college) - they strengthened my resolve that I was right in choosing my course. They taught very interesting subjects I don't mind studying for. Although I did not pursue it, but that's another story.

Main Course
If you could trade places with anyone for one day, who would it be and why?
I don't know...a Hollywood star? The Sultan of Brunei, maybe? Just to get a feel how is it being filthy rich and sitting on gold.

What is your favorite dish to prepare?
Tuna casserole and spicy chicken wings, my specialties.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Look Who's Talking

"I swear on all my remaining hairs that I will grab that sweet sweet heavenly colorful nice thing you're getting your pretentious little hands on, but this creature called Mother is kinda being a hindrance to that plan of mine, who insists that not only should I wear red socks with my blue dress, but that I won't eat until like another month and I'm not really digging that because let's face it, I was born to eat."

Thursday, November 16, 2006

And Then There Were Turon...and Mais, and Fishballs, etc.

After lining up to pay my tuition fee (before I stop convincing myself that I can do this) we proceeded to the UP Shopping Center to check out the latest. I love the SC. It transcends boundaries and serves as a great equalizer to the Iskolars ng Bayan.

From the outside it doesn't look much, being an old-ish strip of stalls, but once you get inside life suddenly bursts every which way. From Rodic's and Sarabia Optical, to several computer shops and beauty parlors, bookbinding stalls and stationery shops, the Maroons store, a pet shop and a pharmacy, down to several fastfood doors, the SC is the UP student's one-stop-shop.

Nothing beats the street food down here - the isaw and fishballs, gulaman, corn on the cob, turon, banana-Q, okoy, and everything in between. We were sitting down at monobloc chairs with a matching table eating our street food, and midway towards putting the last squidball in my mouth a woman approached our table and grabbed a discarded kikiam to eat. "Sayang naman."


My ever-sosyal companion who, being a manager at his office, commands a view of the Makati skyline every single day of his fabulous life, said "Walang ganyan sa Greenbelt." True. Only at UP Naming Mahal.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Da Gels

I haven't said much about my friendship with these people. I don't see them much lately, but we've shared a lot. We got lost in Hongkong, raided bagnet stands in Vigan, burned to crisps in Boracay, terrorized the fishes in Rizal, drunk-dialled would-be exes, plotted the demise of other people, conducted lunchtime photo shoots at the courtyard, shopped for shoes, compared notes at work, colored each other's hair (mainly Apo's), and watched naked good-looking men gyrate to Kenny G. for money.


Meaning "I can't think of anything to say except for the same old things I'm still lamenting and I can't bear to listen to myself any longer. If it were another person who would endlessly whine about how busy and whatever his life is right now, I'd stab that person in the eye just so he'd shut up."

Monday, November 13, 2006


Too much going on inside my addled brain. Can't remember much, yet I know I have too many things going on at once. Sometimes I think I bit off more than I can chew.

And yet this is the only way, and all arrows point to this direction. I would be the stupidest person alive if I didn't take this chance. Screw being tired, something bigger than what I can comprehend is fixing things for me, and I should be kicked if all I can do is make excuses.

But sometimes I wonder where Dennis Trillo fits into all of this.

Friday, November 10, 2006

This is for the Cousin in the UK with Two Brats

Because we can't seem to get hold of each other, and I am a stingy person who will not text internationally, plus I know you read this blog regularly, I am now officially kicking off your Manila Tour 2007 in this blog.

As I've emailed you before, Discovery Suites has a special rate (way cheaper) for the residents of Middle Earth, meaning me and my ilk. If you want something closer to the airport, I cannot help you because I don't know any suites out there, and besides the traffic there is so bad if you plan on traipsing around Metro Manila. Ortigas Center is in the middle of Makati and Quezon City, and in itself a major business district, meaning things are also hip-happening there.

If you want somewhere in Makati, you can stay in Oakwood right smack in the middle of Glorietta. But I have to warn you that being filthy rich is a requirement to stay there long-term. I can check out the lesser beings, but since you said you don't want the likes of your hotel before, I'd rather not.

About the domestic flights, there are recently a lot of promo rates going around, check out their websites here and here. I presume you have a credit card so you can get it over there, they issue e-tickets anyway.

If you need more information, you know where to email me. And oh yeah, there will be no beau anymore to speak of, so maybe you can help me out in that area.

Your most beautiful cousin in the whole wide world this side of the globe

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Conversations of Prestige

Mental note to self: don't go out during weeknights. Don't be deluded by promises of a movie. Instead, will find self in front of beer and iced tea, with people who have tendencies of playing Spin the Bottle without the bottle. Otherwise you will be calling in sick the next day.

I barely know these people, but in the span of a few hours I knew a lot about them. We talked about relationships, the realm of the exes, how people change as they mature, friendship over the years, how many people they've slept with (keep counting), their ranks in high school, and how a great voice can cause earthquakes. Oh yeah, that in some cultures, Cler is breathtakingly beautiful.

It was a fun night, even if it was without Prestige.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Didn't See That Coming

Turns out I can graduate early, like next year. That is if I have the balls to face it head-on. I'm not prepared, I was expecting like one subject to deal with this semester. I don't even like the elective I'm supposed to take, but since my friends are planning to take it I was all, Oh ok, count me in. You know, to ease the pain of being housebroken for the second time. I need them to hold my hand while I type up those papers.

Then I trudge to school to enroll, when lo and behold (I still hate this expression, FYI), they were offering the very same subjects I dropped. What to do, what to do? One, I didn't prepare enough tuition. Two, I'm not really sure if I can take two subjects at once. Three, I'm kinda lazy and those subjects require heavy use of my gray matter.

My friend Mong used to tell me that if I want my life in order I should take the first step. Well, I just did that, and it didn't feel great, neither did it go well. But I did it, so I hope she's happy.

I hate to admit it, but it seems she was right. All the pieces of my life are falling right into place now. Now it seems everywhere I turn there's a door open, or there's that window I can squeeze in. In situations where I thought I could just barely scrape through, I surprisingly have an easy time.

I want to thank God for not totally pushing me, just tripping me over. And also for sprinkling magic dust my way -- maybe it's fate, or luck, or maybe it's because finally, I'm growing up.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Market Value

There comes a time in your life when you begin to doubt yourself, whether you are indeed what you think of yourself, or is it possible that, horror of horrors, you are a loser?

You begin to assess your life then, take it apart inside out, top to bottom. You wonder if what you have can be categorized as NOT LOSER. But really, what does it mean to be your own life's biggest loser?

No matter how often your family and friends tell you that you have the so-called potential, it's so much easier to believe the bad things. And if you hear it often enough, you begin to imbibe it. Being a loser means doing just that, to go with the flow. Not to do something to change your life, to consciously choose to do the wrong things, that will be your ticket to oblivion.

A friend asked me what is the stupidest thing I ever did. I said not a lot, but the stupid things I did were major, rare as they may come. Ok, he said, what about in the last year? Still not a lot, actually the things I have been doing recently was "un-dumbing" myself. I can't totally undo all of it, but it doesn't mean I should keep on doing it, right?

Honestly speaking, I really dodged a bullet out there. God still loves me, although I thought He abandoned me because I don't go to Church. God may not give us everything we wish for, because He knows it will only make us more miserable. What would I have done if I actually got what I wanted? I would be this debt-ridden miserable and depressed evil witch, maybe. I shudder to think that I voluntarily wanted it at that time.

I hope that in the future I would have the sense to avoid things that are doomed from the very start, no matter how tempting they may be. I can't face myself in the mirror knowing that I could have done so much more, but did not because I was lazy, or just being too stubborn for my own good. I'm getting older every passing day, and may God give me the wisdom that comes with age.

The worst regret we can have in life is not for the wrong things we did, but for the right things we could have done but did not do.