Thursday, September 30, 2004

I Think I'll Just Go and Kill Myself

This is a bad day.

I woke up still feeling unrested, hung over from two days of slaving away explaining technology. And oh yeah, from last night. Hah. That was my stress reliever. So I went to the sweatshop and resumed my zombie status, half awake, half catatonic. I plowed through the work I left with my head feeling very light. To tell the truth, I wasn't really being very focused on what I was doing.

Near the end of office hours, She-Wolf snapped at me for something I overlooked at this meeting I'm organizing. Ok, so I overlooked it, there was no need to be nasty. It's not like the world's gonna end just because there were no flight details. And I was doing what I could, considering I just inherited this particular line of work. I know this doesn't concern them, but with the finals coming, I don't need the added harassment.

I can feel the beginning of a horrible headache behind my eyes. It will gradually spread to my temples, then to my shoulders, with a pounding sensation that no pain reliever can ever hope to diminish.

This piece is crap. Gag.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Perhaps Not a Good Idea

I am really having second thoughts about having a second blog. Maintaining one is hard enough work. Not to mention living my life is work enough.

I don't mean to sound all bitchy and rude as the title and description suggests, but when I created this blog that was the state I was in. I am actually polite and civil, I buy the groceries at home, I can be cheerful and optimistic, but not so inclined to beso beso (don't push it).

Anyhoo, its finals week at the university, so that means subsistence on Berocca, Marlboro Lights green, and Google. So you don't wonder why all the attitude for a first entry. Who knows, I might one day be an Ambassador of Goodwill for Walt Disney. Yeah, that will be the day.